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All of our retail prices are inclusive of VAT and collision damage waiver (CDW). Our collision damage waiver means that your standard excess will be:

  • 21-24 years old – £650
  • 25 years plus – £500
  • S3 (all ages) - £1000

What’s included in your collision damage waiver:

Break-down recovery

Available across the UK – 24/7 phone number to call for assistance for a breakdown, or an accident.

Windscreen and glass damage

These are covered, but you will be liable for the applicable excess.

Tyre damage

This is covered under fair wear and tear; anything outside of this you will be liable for the applicable excess.


Applicable excess to pay on any new damage that is on the vehicle when you bring it back. This could be of your own fault or that of a third party (somebody else damages the vehicle whilst it is in your care). If the damage is less than your applicable excess, you will just be charged for the cost of the repair, not the full excess.

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Enhanced Collision Damage Waiver (eCDW)

If you are 25 years and over and want to reduce the amount of excess you are liable for should you be in an accident or the vehicle is stolen, you can do so be adding our eCDW as an option to your booking. This will reduce your excess by £250 (from the standard £500 for all models, excluding S3 which will reduce to £750).

You can reduce the excess further if you are 25 years or over to £250 by choosing our Enhanced Collision Damage Waiver (eCDW) as an option on the booking process. This will cost an additional £10 a day.

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Travel abroad

If you are planning to take your Audi abroad there will be an additional fee of £25 per day. This is to cover the cost of the paperwork that we have to provide in order for you to be covered in Europe and also to ensure that we can get yourself and the vehicle back to the UK should anything happen. At this time we can only cover the vehicle if travelling within Europe. We cannot allow our vehicles to be driven anywhere outside of Europe.

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